Who made this?

My name is Dylan Brophy.

I am a computer programmer and blockchain enthusiast who is mining Ethereum.

I have a new mining rig for Ethereum now, however before that I had serious trouble deciding which cards are the best, which ones to put my money into. My solution was making a google sheets for all the GPUs I could find information on, that way it would be very clear which cards were the best.

Spreadsheets are great, except for the fact that they don't self-update. This website does. Spreadsheets can't keep track of online places to buy the products that the spread sheets keep track of; websites can.

I use this website for myself and for the benefit of others.

Is my data credible?

I say yes.

I say yes because I designed and tested the website. If you don't trust me then you can look at my JSON file I use for storing card specs here. The API I use to get information for profitability calculations is the Etherchain API. Although there seems to be no documentation on the API, I found out how to access it and the data is consistent with my spreadsheet I made a while back.

Why mine Ethereum?

I mine Ethereum because I believe that:

  1. Currency shouldn't be limited to governments, borders, bank transaction waits, nor physical existence in general
  2. The Ethereum "Global Computer" is awesome. (Check out Smart Contracts)
  3. Blockchains are an incredible technology that can revolutionize information and computers

Bitcoin is great, but it is very difficult to mine and it doesn't have smart contracts. Litecoin is (as far as I can tell) a copy of Bitcoin. Ethereum is the most technologically advenced blockchain.

Ethereum is better. That's why I mine it.