Who am I?

My name is Dylan Brophy. I love making things. Its not cheap though... Might as well start making some money with it! I do my best to provide high quality and solve any problem you may have.

By buying my products you make your project better and help me achive my entrepreneurial dreams.

How I started making things

I have always had a passion for building things. My dad and I would go down to the beach and build forts in the sand, then try to protect them from the coming tide. I built trains, legos... Everything. Then, when I was 6, I got some Snap Circuits.

I do not remember much from my early snap circuit endeavors. I remember though designing my own circuits at some point. And they worked. My mom later sent me to Mathobotix, a day camp where you build robots. I used the lego NXT for my robots. Since Robots must be programmed, I started learning how to code for the first time.

My first programming experience was with those NXT blocks. I eventually started making pretty complex programs. This is also about the point that I started really wanting to build a computer from scratch. I even tried making a laptop with the NXT. It didn't work well, and I never got to making the OS even. I also remember wanting to make a computer from Snap Circuits. I discovered Minecraft (important later).

Like all children, I saw something that seemed cool and wanted it. In radioshack I saw a Basic Stamp from Parallax and wanted it. I never got it, but I did get the Boe Bot from Parallax instead a few years later. This taught me BASIC and it was really cool to program. Oh, and guess what I wanted to do with it? Build a computer. I got a LOT farther that time. At some point I brought it in to Mathobotix to show to the really awesome man that ran the program who I knew at that point. He recommended that I get an arduino. I also began programming the NXT in c at Mathobotix. I believe I was homeschooled at that time. 6 or 7th grade? I think 6th. Around this time I didn't like to do my math. Since my computer was right there, I wrote all these algorithms in Python 3 to do the work for me. 6th or 7th grade I also started modding minecraft. I discovered the mod Computercraft and, after figuring out barely enough Lua, recreated the Internet. DNS servers, proxies, web pages: all in Minecraft. Just not any links or webapps (yet). Sometime 7th grade I made my first Propeller graphics device, similar to the predecessors to the NGT20.

My aunt lived with us for a while and took me to Radioshack. I found an Arduino starter kit and bought it. I started learning a lot more about making circuits and began my Arduino C++ adventures. And I still wanted to make a computer with it! I also bought a GPRS shield and became determined to build a cell phone. I wasn't trusted to get it to work so my parents never bought me service until 8th grade.

In 8th grade I stopped homeschooling and between october and spring I built a working cell phone. Since I have gotten a 45$ ZTE phone and took apart the homebuilt one for parts. It did serve me into winter 9th grade however. The best version supported multitasking, a basic game, and a calculator for math class. That all was on an Arduino Mega. In 8th grade I also began my great intrest in the Z80 processor. I also bought a ton of CMOS chips around then. And stayed up really late on weekends.

The summer before 9th grade I bought a Mercury FPGA board and began developing a processor on it. I wish I had used GitHub for that... I met a super awesome man from Altium who found some unneeded outdated FPGA boards, and sent them to me. They were more powerful than the Mercury and greatly aided in my designs. I will never forget his kindness. I would say his name however not without permission first. Those are the boards I built the next propeller graphics cards for.

Why I am selling products

Although I have been given many recources by very generous people, there is still so much to pay for as far as projects go. I have so many cool designs and ideas: why not do what I love, help people with their projects, and get funding all at once? I want to make more money to be happy working and so that I don't have to wince at throwing 120$ at a project. In the end I want to work for myself anyways.

I sell because I want to do everything that I love.